Yes we are on facebook.  We want you to be apart of our FB team!  We will show you everything we are doing on the FB page as well in entertainment.  Each day will be a new day.  So get ready because all of this will launch November 5, 2010.

Like the XxXClusive Rainbow Entertainment page today!! You never know YOU can be a winner! (Details on FB page.)

  • Sunday will be Save Me Sunday! We will post uplifting videos, new, bible quotes and more.
  • Monday will be the day for you to put your self out and vote on LGBT couple of the week.  Sexist (Stud, Fem, Stem, LGBT) of the week.  Finest LGBT of the day.  LGBT activist of the month.  Favorite LGBT webpage of the month.  And so much more!
  • Tuesday will be Lets Talk Tuesday.  We will be accepting request for your Topic for this day.
  • Wednesday will be Wise Wednesday.
  • Thursday is Trendy Thursday. We will talk about gossip, news, and topic request.
  • Friday is Showcast You Friday.  If you have a talent or just want to be seen, we will show you. Want others to see your facebook or twitter page. Hit up our page and we will promo you.
  • Saturday is Late Night Talk Saturdays. Meet other people just like you.  Talk to Xclusive Maze.  Show out, talk, and have fun.

We want to see you there.  Just look for XxXclusive Rainbow Entertainment on your facebook search and you will see us!!



Are you ready!


Les Be Real Radio

That’s right we are going to be on the air.  We will supply you with the latest on entertainment, news, music, intervies, tending topics, and so much more.  “Lets Be Real”  radio is coming soon to you!

Check us out about the radio show and for show times, dates, or if you want a interview or be promoted for what ever you do just email us at (xxxclusiverainbow@gmail.com).


Are You Ready!

XxXclusive Is On Twitter

Thats right we are on TWITTER!!!

Follow us @XclusiveRainEnt

Follow us to get updates everyday. Updates on upcoming events, promo, topics, shows, interviews and so much more.  If you want take part of our Topic Thursday. Mention us @XclusiveRainEnt  !!!

Also if you staying in South Carolina then have #LGBTSC in your tweet to have a promo. (Must be following @XclusiveRainEnt) For others just have #lgbtsc in your tweet as well and we will promo you big time too!

We are looking forward to see you there!


Are You Ready!